About Us

Dear Asset Owners and Asset Managers,

I am pleased to welcome you and thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our business and share our innovative solutions.

investRFP.com is a web-based interactive communications platform for the exchange of information between request issuers (asset owners, investors, allocators) and respondents (mostly asset managers).

The platform does not provide investment consulting or investment advisory services and is not involved in the decision-making process of the asset owner.

Our objective is to support asset owners and asset managers in the search, selection and due diligence process to identify the most suitable asset manager, investment strategy or fund.

The investRFP.com platform is operated by e-fundresearch.com Data GmbH, an independent research company and information provider based in Vienna, Austria.

I founded the company after ten years in capital markets and institutional asset management in 2000. We were among the early pioneers in digital fund information in Continental Europe.

The e-fundresearch.com information platform is managed by
e-fundresearch.com AG, a majority-owned legal entity under the leadership of an experienced management team.

Since the start of our business in 2000 I was fully aware of the importance of sustainability and in June 2006 became the first first PRI signatory in Austria.

Our team integrated ESG and sustainbility in our fund research process and also developed ESG-oriented questionnaires for asset owners to support their asset manager and fund search and selection process.

Today, asset owners working on investRFP.com benefit from a wide range of customizable industry questionnaire templates on ESG topics in the area of sustainability, responsible investment, diversity, equity & inclusion, climate risk management, ESG research & information, active ownership, engagement, stewardship, impact investing as well as other ESG- and sustainability-related topics.

In 2020 we launched investESG.eu, a dedicated ESG online media platform providing asset owners and other market participants restriction-free access to an industry-relevant ESG investing discourse, expert insights and research resources contributed by our team, standard setters, regulators, interdisciplinary experts, asset owners and asset managers worldwide.

investRFP.com uses digital technologies to simplify the ESG manager & fund selection process with eight different request formats.

I want to thank our clients, partners and associates who made it a great success and who will benefit from future developments.

I am inviting new asset owners to join and explore how investRFP.com can support your search & selection process and asset managers to take the opportunity to share your most suitable and competitive solutions with asset owners.

We are pleased to provide investRFP.com as a next-generation platform solution and wish great success!


Albert Reiter, CFA
Founder & CEO