– QNG Workshop – Banken-Symposium Wachau – BSW on 1 July 2021

We are pleased to host a workshop at the upcoming Banken-Symposium Wachau – BSW on 1 July, 2021.

This year’s symposium will focus on “Green Banking”. Albert Reiter, CFA, CEO & and Roland Kölsch, Managing… Read more

237 Responses to ESG Requests

Asset owners registered on the have free access to 237 detailed responses (plus 24 draft responses) from asset managers to five key ESG requests (as per 30 April 2021):

(1) Diversity and Inclusion Tool
(2) Active Ownership and Voting
(3) Climate-RelatedRead more

New ESG Screening Questionnaire

We are pleased to announce the release of the ESG Screening questionnaire for investors.

Investors can establish the ESG status quo of existing investments in all asset classes by integrating the new questionnaire template in new RFIs.

The Expert Group on Sustainability

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ESG-Bestandsaufnahme für institutionelle Mandate gewinnt an Bedeutung für Investoren | QNG

Neue regulatorische ESG-Vorgaben sind ein wichtiger ESG-Motivator für Pensionseinrichtungen und andere institutionelle Anleger. Auch für deren Interessensgruppen der Begünstigten, der Unternehmenskunden/Sponsoren und der Eigentümer wird das Thema … Read more Activities and Events will participate in the following activities and events (speaker or moderator)

3 June 2021: CFA Institute EMEA ESG Community Roundtable – SFDR discussion (1)

9 June 2021: CFA Institute EMEA ESG Community Roundtable – SFDR discussion… Read more

Diversity & Inclusion Tool

| Research Tool for Asset Owners

Based on diversity projects published by initiatives created a questionnaire in July 2020 to support asset owners in their research and decision-making process.

| Asset owners understand the need to create a more … Read more