Agriculture & Forest Funds

Investor based in Austria searching for agriculture & forest funds – regional or global – equity, bonds or balanced/mixed assets.

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Global Equity Value (EUR 50 million) Search Request

Institutional Investor based in Austria – Global Equity Value – EUR 50 million – Deadline: 28  September, 2021

Preference for Spezialfonds but UCITS will also be considered. Details to be defined at shortlist level.

Investment strategy: dedicated… Read more

Insurance company fund due diligence extended

A fund due diligence project on the platform managed by an insurance company was extended and new funds and asset managers were added. The deadline was set for asset managers who will see the due diligence request in their respective … Read more

HY Structured Credit / Securitized Credit (EUR 250 million) Search Request

Update: Deadline extended to 27 August, 2021

Institutional investor based in Germany – separate managed account – HY Structured Credit / Securitized Credit (EUR 250 million). Deadline: 20 August 2021.

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EMU Equity (EUR 100 million) Search Request

Institutional investor based in Austria tendering an EMU Equity mandate (EUR 100 million). Deadline: 23 August 2021.

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CEE Search & Due Diligence Requests

Due diligence requests issued by investors in the CEE region were updated and selected asset managers were invited by the investors to provide information and update existing information

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Semi-annual due diligence update

Selected asset managers were notified by a European retail and wealth management banking group to update information as part of the semi-annual due diligence request issued by the fund selection team. Asset managers find the request, the questionnaire and the … Read more

Diversity & Inclusion Request

Initiatives to support asset managers in creating a more inclusive culture and addressing diversity issues

The questionnaire builds a base for the Diversity and Inclusion Tool on enabling asset owners to screen their existing and prospective… Read more

Japan Equities Search Request

A search request for Japan Equity strategies (> EUR 100 million) – open to a specific universe of asset managers – was completed today at 13:00 CEST.

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New Searches in Equity and Bond Asset Classes > EUR 1 billion

A number of new Search Requests were issued this week to asset managers defined by investors. Notification messages were sent to all asset managers invited. Total RFP volume > EUR 1 billion.

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