Diversity & Inclusion Tool

| Research Tool for Asset Owners

Based on diversity projects published by initiatives investRFP.com created a questionnaire in July 2020 to support asset owners in their research and decision-making process.

| Asset owners understand the need to create a more inclusive culture and integrate industry best practice guidance in their investment process.


Addressing diversity and inclusion
issues is part of any responsible investment
strategy of asset managers.


The questionnaire integrated in the Diversity and Inclusion Tool on investRFP.com enables asset owners to screen their existing and prospective investments, thus enhancing the digital RFP/RFI evaluation process with a dedicated tool.

Asset managers registered on the investRFP.com platform have access to the Request in the “Active Request” section. They are welcome to create a Response to this Request and provide answers to the questions. Asset managers can also indicate planned developments of the respective issues addressed in the questionnaire, above all if not implemented yet.

The information in the Asset Managers’ Responses are only available to asset owners and fund selectors registered on the investRFP.com platform.

The questionnaire is a best practice tool in progress and remains open for feedback and further suggestions.

The Diversity and Inclusion Request was released on investRFP.com and announced on investESG.eu in July 2020 and the Responses from asset managers have been available to asset owners on the platform since August 2020.

The main issues addressed in the Diversity and Inclusion Request are centered around: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion embedded in the overall business strategy and culture
  • Targets, objectives for leaders and line managers, link to compensation, statistics, employee feedback, mentoring, etc.
  • How diversity and inclusion is reflected in recruitment, retention, promotion and other people initiatives including succession planning and training
  • Evidence-based approaches and measurements
  • Flexible working policy for men and women, parental carer leave, gender pay gap and measurement, other gap, discrimination, harassment, NDA policy, employee networks, etc.
  • Women Women in Finance Charter and Race at Work Charter as well as other diversity-related initiatives (eg Diversity Project, LGBT Great) or charters? What has changed?
  • Any specific diversity and inclusion initiatives or success stories to be highlighted
  • etc.

Responses can be updated by asset managers. Access to the investRFP.com platform can be requested here

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