The Return of inflation: a Jurassic Risk?

The death of inflation has been greatly exaggerated. Its return will first scare, then maim, then ruin the traditional balanced portfolios have that served investors well for a generation. Investors need to prepare for a world of greater inflation volatility. … Read more – QNG Workshop – Banken-Symposium Wachau – BSW on 1 July 2021

We are pleased to host a workshop at the upcoming Banken-Symposium Wachau – BSW on 1 July, 2021.

This year’s symposium will focus on “Green Banking”. Albert Reiter, CFA, CEO & and Roland Kölsch, Managing… Read more

Swiss Equities Active – CHF 200 million

New Search Request issued by an institutional investor, CHF 200 million, Benchmark: SPI Index, Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF), unhedged; Specific level of expected outperformance (alpha) over a 3y rolling horizon.

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A push for the inflation agenda

Since last year, the market has been absorbed into the reflation theme. This has pushed inflation breakevens to their highest levels in 5 years. Are those higher inflation breakevens justified and will a new environment where inflation plays a bigger role change… Read more

The Steinbrenner Syndrome and the Challenge of Manager Selection

The Financial Analysts Journal publised an article by Michael L. Troutman on the impact of plan sponsors’ focus on past performance in asset manager selection. Cognitive errors lead investors to value strong performance in previous periods and to confuse

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