Why asset owners need a good sustainable investment policy and strategy?

By Kristina Touzenis, Managing Partner BST-Impact and Head of the investRFP Expert Group on Sustainability

| ESG Policy & Strategy

What is a good sustainability strategy and why on earth would you need it? One example is that your are based, or operate, or work… Read more

Global High Yield – ESG

Fund selection team based in Switzerland responsible for wealth management assets of CHF > 10 billion searches for a competitive Global High Yield strategy with ESG focus.

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Diversity & Inclusion Tool

| Research Tool for Asset Owners

Based on diversity projects published by initiatives investRFP.com created a questionnaire in July 2020 to support asset owners in their research and decision-making process.

| Asset owners understand the need to create a more … Read more

ESG – Sustainable ETFs

Wealth management fund selection team searching for passive funds and strategies

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European, US and Asia-Pacific Real Estate Funds

Core+, multi-sector strategies, pooled funds, open-ended or closed-end.

Swiss institutional investor, Fund sizes: European: EUR 50-100 million, US: USD 100-200 million, Asia-Pacific: USD 50-300 million

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