Integration of ESG factors in RFPs

PRI provides five modules in their Investment Manager Selection Guide which support asset owners in their selection process and the integration of ESG factors:


Module 1 describes a process followed by an asset owner to develop a responsible investment policy and strategy. This also includes the development of a strategic approach to asset allocation that incorporates ESG considerations.

Module 2 addresses the internal process of establishing mandate requirements, including key ESG considerations that will govern the investment manager, and drafting the RFP to reflect those requirements at a high level.

Module 3 focuses on the manager selection process to identify the investment manager that has the responsible investment attributes in place to meet the ESG requirements specified by the asset owner in Module 2.

Module 4 describes the manager appointment process to transfer the requirements specified in the mandate into legal documentation.

Module 5 sets out a harmonised approach to investment manager monitoring, including tools and practical recommendations.

The platform supports asset owners in their selection process and provides the flexibility to apply any process defined by the asset owner (see also: Best Practice in Asset Manager and Fund Selection and Approach on the landing page).