Choosing Investment Managers and Monitoring their Progress

Amit Goyal (University of Lausanne and Swiss Finance Institute), Sunil Wahal (Arizona State University) and M. Deniz Yavuz (Purdue University) provided valuable insights in pre-hiring returns, pre-existing personal connections between decision makers (published

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Best Practice in Asset Manager Search & Selection

Asset manager & fund selection is a critical step in implementing any investment program or strategy. The investment policy statement and the investment objectives have important implications for asset manager & fund selection.

The process of hiring

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Integration of ESG factors in RFPs

PRI provides five modules in their Investment Manager Selection Guide which support asset owners in their selection process and the integration of ESG factors:


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The Steinbrenner Syndrome and the Challenge of Manager Selection

The Financial Analysts Journal publised an article by Michael L. Troutman on the impact of plan sponsors’ focus on past performance in asset manager selection. Cognitive errors lead investors to value strong performance in previous periods and to confuse

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Why asset owners need a good sustainable investment policy and strategy?

By Kristina Touzenis, Managing Partner BST-Impact and Head of the investRFP Expert Group on Sustainability

| ESG Policy & Strategy

What is a good sustainability strategy and why on earth would you need it? One example is that your are based, or operate, or work… Read more