Pensions Management Institute Academy Training Session by (Members Only) | 27 April 2022

Best Practice in Asset Manager & Fund Selection

The process of searching for an asset manager, fund or strategy is a challenge for investment teams, trustees and consultants. Based on ALM studies and asset allocation decisions the investment team faces the task of implementing the right investment strategy and to identify the most suitable manager, fund or strategy in different asset classes.

The platform was developed to provide asset owners an efficient digital tool to simplify the RFI, RFP and due diligence process.

The structure and design of as a cloud-based request platform is flexible and can be applied in different organisational structures. In smaller pension funds one or two team members manage requests on the platform for all investment teams and asset classes and in larger organisations multiple teams with up to ten or more team members use the platform. Overall, asset owners domiciled in 26 countries and asset managers located in 69 countries globally have been active users of the platform so far.