Diversity & Inclusion Request

Initiatives to support asset managers in creating a more inclusive culture and addressing diversity issues

The questionnaire builds a base for the Diversity and Inclusion Tool on investRFP.com enabling asset owners to screen their existing and prospective investments, thus enhancing the digital RFP/RFI evaluation process with a dedicated tool.

The information sourced will only be available to asset owners and fund selectors registered on the platform. Asset managers are welcome to indicate planned developments of the respective issues addressed in the questionnaire, if not implemented yet.

Diversity and Inclusion Request

This requests was released on investRFP.com and announced on investESG.eu in 2020 and the Responses from asset managers have been available to asset owners on the platform since then. The Request is used by asset owners in their research and decision-making process. Responses can be updated by asset managers and new responses can be created.

Please check the asset management companies which had finalized responses to five ESG requests as per 30 April 2021.


Access for asset owners to review asset managers’ responses to date: login or account request.

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